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About Us


Artefakt™ was founded in 2015 by Anthony Sugarmann and Sekou Heru. Anthony is a dancer who grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2012 he moved to New York City with his sister, Talia, and that is when he and Sekou met. Sekou is originally from Trenton, New Jersey and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. He is a pioneer of House Dance and is one of the original-founding members of Dance Fusion NYC Crew.



An artifact is something that has historical or cultural significance. The artifacts of Street Dance Culture are the soul of the brand: the dance styles, the parties, clubs, battles, the music, the fashion, etc.
In short, Artefakt is a brand dedicated to preserving, promoting and contributing to Street Dance Culture.


Where & When?

The idea of Artefakt™  was first imagined in 2014 at Sekou’s apartment in Brooklyn. Anthony was training with Sekou in his living room and explaining to him that he has been collecting sneakers since he was a kid and had the idea of opening a sneaker store. After hearing his idea, Sekou suggested that he sell different items from hip-hop culture and name the store Artifacts. They both loved the idea, especially the name, so Sekou told Anthony (joking, but serious) that he owes him 2% of the company for the name.  About a year later, in 2015, the company was established, Sekou and Anthony are business partners, and it has evolved into more than just an idea of a store that sells artifacts of hip-hop.



Artefakt  was established because the presence of true/authentic street dance is missing from pop culture. If you are not in the culture, chances are you don’t have much knowledge, if any, about street dance. While other street arts and street sports such as graffiti and skateboarding have a solidified spot in pop culture, street dance is nonexistent.



Artefakt is not only a street wear brand, we also host and sponsor events such as battles, workshops, classes, parties and other unique events centered around Street Dance.  Through our apparel and our events, Artefakt provides platforms that enable the world to enjoy, learn about and experience genuine and authentic Street Dance Culture.

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